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  • Lower Monthly Premiums
  • Keep Your Primary Care Physician
  • Receive Outstanding Care
  • Large Network of Specialists
  • $0 Copay at Meadowcrest
  • Get Out of Pocket Maximums

Our in-office rep will explain your options and make switching pain-free.

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Don’t wait. Medicare advantage Open Enrollment ends December 7

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The benefits



Copay for Tier 1 and 2 Prescription Drugs

Basic fitness center membership including fitness classes


Copay for Primary Care Physician Visits

Dental Benefits Include Dentures and Necessary Extractions

Vision Benefits Include Annual Exam and $400 Credit for Eyewear or Contact Lenses

Routine Hearing Benefits Include Fitting, Evaluations and Exams for $0 Copays

Find out how a Humana Medicare Advantage
Plan can save you money.

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    A message from Dr. Dickert

    A message from Dr. Dickert

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    Makes it easy

    Seeing what plan is right for you shouldn’t take a lot of time. We accept two
    Medicare Advantage carriers. To help you find which plan makes sense for
    you, our in-office representative will walk you through your options.

    Follow These Simple Steps

    1 Schedule

    Schedule a time to speak with our representative

    2 Review

    Review your options and have your questions answered

    3 Enroll

    Enroll in your Medicare Advantage plan
    before December 7

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    What our patients who switched are saying:

    • “My husband and I are like a lot of you reading this and on a fixed income. Prior to my retirement I had employer coverage and only paid for my husband’s premium and SSA deductible. But once I retired things changed. The expenditures for all of our health coverage with the SSA deduction for Medicare and separate policies for each of us was costing us over $800/month. On a fixed income that is unsustainable. We heard about Humana Gold (Advantage HMO) and NO LONGER have a premium for insurance. Our meds are free, and we get vision and dental assistance. All of this at little to no cost to us. If anyone is thinking about making a change this open enrollment period, I would recommend you really consider Humana HMO. Making the switch was a no brainer!”

      - James and Linda Howard

    • “Switching my plan has helped give me a greater peace of mind when I need to visit the doctor”

      - Carrie S

    • "I been with Humana for a little over a year and I am very satisfied. Customer service very helpful and great network of doctors. Benefits are so amazing with extra things such as dental, vision and hearing coverage in addition to doctor and hospital coverage. Humana Gold Plus HMO plan includes the above plus prescription coverage. Great Medicare Advantage Plan. "

      - Teresa Walker

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