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As professionals, we cannot always predict changes in the economic, political, or insurance markets. However, what we can alter is how we react to those changes. Recent developments in the insurance market at both the national and local level have limited the insurance companies we are able to contract with due to economic pressures.


Many of the new insurance plans that have been adopted and that are growing in popularity rely on “cost-sharing” which forces much of the cost of care on the individual consumers. You have likely already observed larger deductibles, larger co-pays, and a multitude of out-of-network fees. Some of these things, we simply cannot change. So, we innovate.

We are proposing a model of care known as Direct Primary Care (DPC). You will continue to see us for your primary care, and we will provide a list of services to you at a fixed monthly price. You will continue to retain insurance for those unfortunate times when insurance is truly needed.


In our search of a better model, we wondered, “what would it cost for us to obtain these services at the fair market value if we wanted to pay on a case by case basis?” Let us illustrate that research with an example of a 55 year old male who did a cost analysis of both models.

In our simple example, the savings amounted to $1092.15. To any of us, that is significant. That is what we want to save you. As we mentioned earlier, many of the new insurance programs are high-deductible plans. Therefore, if you had an annual out-of-network deductible of $3000, the $720 dollars spent on DPC would go towards your out-of-network deductible for that year. You would be left with $2280 left in your deductible for that year. We provide these services in our office to save you overall healthcare costs.

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What All Is Included?
Annual Physical
PAP Smear***
Annual General Lab Panel
-Complete Blood Count (CBC)
-Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)
-Thyroid Function Panel (TSH, T4, Free Thyroxine Index
-Vitamin B12
-Cholesterol Panel (Including ApoA & ApoB)
-Vitamin D
-PSA (If Applicable)
Unlimited “Sick” Visits
Include In-Office X-Ray If Necessary**
One Ultrasound Exam Included
24/7 After Hours Support – Coming Soon

**Test Interpretation Separate
**Subject to Major Annual Maximum

Do I Still Need Health Insurance?
~ Yes! You still need to maintain insurance for those unfortunate times when you might need to enter the hospital or see a sub-specialist.

What About Specialists?
~ If you need to see a specialist, it will not be covered by the direct primary care program. However, we strive to provide comprehensive primary care such that specialist referrals occur only when absolutely necessary.

How Do I Pay?
~ You may pay your DPC fee on a monthly or annual basis. We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards.

Is There A Contract?
~ Absolutely! Both our office and you sign an agreement to assure that you receive every health benefit you are entitled to under our program.

How Do I Get Started?
~ If you are interested in our Direct Primary Care Program for yourself, loved ones, or business, please do not hesitate to call our office at (352)-795-0644.